Popular Attractions In Seattle


One of Seattle’s most popular historic market complex, Pike Place Market spread over nine acres of land. Offering some of the best arts and crafts, you will be amazed to see the kind of variety available in the Pike Place Market . The makers themselves display the most unique and exclusive arts and crafts here.

Also look out for variety of fresh seafood, flowers, too here. Homing more than 100 farmers, 150 craftspeople, nearly 300 commercial businesspeople and 50 performers, Pike Market Place is more than just an attraction. There are around 500 residents here too most of which are low-income seniors.

There are also dozens of ethnic restaurants nestled in and near this historic Pike Place Market which is also called the farmers market. For the little freaky in nature, there is one tattoo parlor too here.

Seattle Aquarium

Not as large as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium is a great place to learn about the marine life. Well laid out, the Seattle Aquarium has lots of interesting exhibits dealing with the water worlds of the Puget Sound region. Some of the main attractions in Seattle Aquarium are the playful river otters and the sea otters, as well as the giant octopus.

In order to get the clearer view of the life under sea visit the viewing dome.
There are number of small tanks too that home lots of fishes from the northwest. There’s also a beautiful large coral-reef tank, as well as many smaller tanks that exhibit fish from distant waters.

IMAXDome Theater

Hours Screenings daily beginning at 10am.
One of the must see attractions in Seattle, The IMAXDome is a movie theater with a 180° screen. Experience watching the film with the 3D effect here. The extensive sound system present here gives the feel of realism. A spectacular presentation, IMAX Dome screens special features that are screened throughout the year.

Odyssey–The Maritime Discovery Center

An attempt to do some interactive promotion of modern fishing and shipping, The Maritime Discovery is a great place for kids. There are more than 40 hands-on exhibits highlighting Seattle’s modern working waterfront and its links to the sea. Some of the exhibits displayed include a kid-size fishing boat, a virtual kayak trip through the Puget Sound, and a live radar center that allows you to track the movement of vessels in Elliott Bay. Plenty of more such interesting exhibits , the center is a must see attraction if you are in town.

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum has a great collection. Displaying more than 23,000 objects that represent a wide range of art-from ancient Egyptian relief’s to contemporary American installations using photography and video. The beautiful exotic collections are basically from the five regions which include: Asian, African, Northwest Coast Native American, modern art and European painting, and decorative arts.

Basically here in Seattle Art Museum you get to see the art from various corners of the world. Some of the interesting exhibits in the Seattle Art Museum include some of the Old Master paintings, African masks contemporary Northwest Art and much more. Also enjoy the variety of changing exhibitions, free gallery tours, lectures, the Seattle Art Museum Store, and the Seattle Art Museum Café.

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A website has to be marketed properly if you wish for it to do well and be seen by people. There are things like SEO or social media that can turn your site into one that’s popular and gets seen by more searches on the internet (in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Whether you have a company page or one for your personal blog, these marketing tips are great to use to your advantage. Google has a great article about Search Engine Optimization here.

Marketing through SEO is one of the best ways to get people to pay attention to your website. SEO works by you adding in certain keywords when creating or posting content that help you to reach out to people that are searching for those terms. You can also do things like have people link to your site or put keywords into tags to make this work well for you. Look up search engine optimization tips or at least find a pro to help you implement what you can to get your website out there.

A Youtube video is another fantastic marketing tool that is free to upload and maintain. You just have to create your own content that doesn’t have any copyrighted materials in it to have it stay up. It’s even possible to add different ads to the video you put up so that you can make money or do your own ads that lead people to your website. Use the description field on videos to add keywords so that you have a better chance at showing up in search results where videos are now high on the list.

Social media is one of the biggest website types in the world and for good reason. People don’t really notice that they are spending all of their time looking through ads or that they got a free account because their experience is going to lead them to discover certain brands that are paying for it to happen. In other words, you can get your company’s name out there by paying for ads or you can even just create a free profile where you post useful content that also contains links to your website online.

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