Are You Eligible for Lasik Eye Surgery in Seattle?

If you have astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, or eye problems caused by injuries or exposure to UV rays, you might wonder if you can correct these issues with Lasik eye surgery. You will want to speak with a doctor to find out for certain, but generally, many eye problems can be corrected with Lasik procedures.

Lasik makes use of a laser to reshape a person’s cornea or the round dome of the eye. This surgical procedure is done to a very delicate part of the eye and cannot be reversed. It is important to think carefully before getting the procedure done as it does not come without some risks. However, most people who go through it undergo a successful procedure. Many eye doctors throughout the nation provide the procedure.

While it is important to visit an eye doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment, in many cases people with astigmatism, cataracts and other eye or vision problems can have them corrected with Lasik surgery. Those with glaucoma cannot undergo Lasik because of the manner in which the surgery is done.

People who have astigmatism can often get permanent help with the procedure. A person who has cataracts and has them treated using traditional cataract surgery can sometimes have an existing astigmatism treated using Lasik. Again this is another reason it is so important to seek out the opinions of a reputable, experienced Lasik eye surgeon before getting treatment.

People who have distance vision problems can have them corrected with Lasik but still might find they need reading glasses as they enter their 40s. It does not help treat nearsightedness in older people and in fact, people who get the surgery often have to use reading glasses earlier than if they had not undergone the procedure.

While Lasik has many benefits it does not always have the power to give a person perfect vision. In some patients it might reduce their ability to see details somewhat. Still, almost 100 percent of patients do get 20/20 vision following the laser surgery.

In order to be a good candidate for the Lasik procedure you must be over the age of 18. You should not be a diabetic or have rheumatoid arthritis. A consultation with a doctor is necessary before the procedure, and you will need to undergo some restrictions for about a week but there is no real recovery time associated with it. You can click here to find LASIK surgery in the Seattle area.